Is Tokyo Marui a Good Airsoft Brand?

As airsoft becomes increasingly popular, so does the number of new airsoft companies. How do you know what is worth buying? One of the top airsoft brands that has one of the longest standing names in the sport is Tokyo Marui. How does this brand stand up to the competition.

What is Tokyo Marui?

Tokyo Marui is best known for introducing the first automatic electronic gun. This three-geared gun was completely battery operated and utilized a gear and piston system to allow automatic firing. Originally made with ABS plastic bodies, Tokyo Marui understood the needs of airsoft players and knew the importance of long lasting firearms, so they began incorporating more metal external parts.

They even offer full metal externals. With full metal externals and a rechargeable battery system, Tokyo Marui has become incredibly popular in the airsoft world and currently offers dozens of variations of their original automatic electric gun.


Whether you're looking for long range rifles, close-quarters sub machine-guns, or a reliable sidearm, Tokyo Marui does is all. The quality of the product is always highly appreciated, but the restrictions to firing velocity are more strict in Japan than other parts of the world. This may result in a slower projectile than other companies. Tokyo Marui knows their customer well though, and offers a wide variety of customization options to ensure that every player has their firearm set up exactly the way they like it.

1911 Pistols

For instance, the Tokyo Marui 1911 pistol is widely loved by airsoft snipers as a side arm. Because a sniper may lie still in a prone position for long periods of time, and is less likely to fall or hit a solid surface, Tokyo Marui offers a full ABS plastic designed exterior for comfort, while sacrificing nothing on the working components of their guns.

Because the components are plastic, it also gives a fantastic "snappy" feel when firing. Letting a sniper really get off those fast an accurate shots, should the enemy close the distance quickly.

Customization Control

If you aren't the conservative type, and spraying dozens of bb's at a time into your opponents is more your style, Tokyo Marui has you covered there too. Always making sure that their fans have complete customization control of their weapon, Tokyo Marui puts your comfort first with options such as iron sights mounted on the top or the side of your firearm.

Adjustable and comfortable foregrips and stocks allow a shooter of any size to fire comfortably. Regardless of if you are right hand dominant, or left hand dominant, Tokyo Marui offers magazine ejection from either side of the firearm, keeping you in the match during your most vulnerable moments.

Oldest in the Game

For the rifleman feel, Tokyo Marui has one of the oldest and most reliable rifles in the game with the M4A1 SOCOM EBB Recoil Shock Rifle. Not the only rifle produced by Tokyo Marui, it may be the most recognizable. It offers complete game emersion by giving the convenience and reliability of a battery powered airsoft rifle with the realistic recoil of a real M4A1.

 This rifle is considered by many to be so well made, that no customization options are needed for its most efficient loadouts, other than perhaps a scope or sight. Combine that with the gold standard in magazine compatibility, you will get a top of the line airsoft rifle directly out of the box.

A Small Disclaimer

The ability to upgrade and customize so freely does come at a cost, however. Although Tokyo Marui has cemented themselves at the top of the airsoft food chain, some consumers feel like a little too much work needs to be done to their weapons to be as optimal as they would like.

If you're the type of airsoft player that likes to be able to take your firearm right out of the retail box and play, the customizability and upgradable specs may feel like a bit of a turn-off.


No matter how you like to play, Tokyo Marui has something for you. A company that has been around longer than the name airsoft itself, Tokyo Marui has been praised for decades and for good reason.

 If you enjoy a fully customizable airsoft experience, with the option of plastic or full metal exteriors, fully ambidextrous magazine ejection, and a recognizable brand to stand behind that experience, Tokyo Marui just might be the brand for you.

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