​​So, you’ve decided to get into airsoft – welcome to the obsession! Airsoft is a great blend of a hobby and a sport, and you’re going to have a lot of fun playing. One of the most important things you need to consider before you get out to play again is what kind of gun to buy for your first.

There are tons of options out there and it can be really overwhelming. At this point you don’t want to spend top dollar on a top of the line gun; you also don’t want to buy a cheap piece of junk, either. What you need now is a good beginner’s rifle; something that will perform well and is affordable.

There are plenty of replicas on the market geared toward beginners, but not all of them are actually worth your money. We’ve put together a list of some of the best choices right now so you can both buy with confidence and spend less time looking around and more time on the field.

This hobby can get expensive, so buying a beginner rifle that will last a few years will allow you to find out what kind of player you are while allowing you to spend money on other things you’ll need like eye protection, gear, etc.

Product Name





G&G Combat Machine 16 Raider 


Lancer Tactical M4 SD Gen 2


ICS M4 Sportline


CYMA CM 028 AK 47


1. ​G&G Combat Machine 16 Raider

​When you're first starting out, you want simplicity, durability and value for money. Look no further than the Combat Machine Raider. This Automatic Electric Gun (AEG) by G&G is the go-to beginner gun. It comes very highly recommended for beginners by nearly every review website and almost every player that owns one. It isn't uncommon for players to approach someone with a Combat Machine asking if they would sell it. This is because retailers can't keep them on the shelves.

They are extremely durable and can take the punishment a new player might put on their first gun. On top of this, they are made of a light weight but very hard polymer and easy for any player regardless of size or strength to wield effectively. They come standard with rails for accessories and a crane stock (which allows for a bigger battery). They come with a 450 round high capacity (HiCap) magazine that is well suited for any beginner playing their first few games.


  • Extremely affordable for quality (Best Bang for the Buck)
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Many features of higher priced replicas included


  • Very popular - sometimes hard to find in stock
  • Fire selector not Left-Handed Friendly
  • Battery space may be somewhat limited

​2. Lancer Tactical M4 SD Gen 2

​Lancer Tactical is a relatively new company specializing in low cost replicas. Make no mistake; the Lancer Tactical M4 would be a great first gun for any player because it has everything you need. This replica, like the Combat Machine, is made of strong plastic and is reported to be pretty durable.

The gearbox (the engine of the replica) is metal and that’s what counts. This M4 replica does feature rails for attaching accessories and an adjustable stock, making it something that players can grow with and customize to their needs.

Where this rifle lacks a little bit is in the sturdiness of the replica as a whole. Some who bought it complain of a little bit of wobble that it is a common complaint in reviews. A second complaint is that the battery space is a little small. A big selling point of the Lancer Tactical M4 is that it comes standard with a few upgraded internal parts that usually cost extra and need to be installed later. A better inner barrel (where the bbs actually fly from) and better gears in the gearbox cost nothing extra on this gun.


  • The most affordable on this list ($120 or so)
  • Everything you need, nothing you don’t
  • Precision inner barrel and other internals included


  • Some buyers experience wobble in some parts
  • Battery space may be somewhat limited

​3. ICS M4 Sportline

​Beginners picking up an ICS sportline will find themselves with a very high quality replica that they can grow with for many years. Their M4 is very competitively priced for the quality they provide. The body of the gun is made of plastic, just like the rest of the guns on this list so far, but ICS is known for stellar internal parts and great build quality.

 What is really awesome about ICS replicas is their innovative split gearbox design. Most gearboxes are “solid” in that they need to be taken apart and put back together very carefully to keep everything in alignment. ICS’ gearboxes instead disassembles just like the real steel M4, including the entire gearbox.

This means that you can access all those internals much easier to do upgrades, etc; making this a gun you can truly grow with. One slight complaint is that there are some parts to this gun that are ICS Specific, meaning they have to be bought from the company, other parts will not work with the ICS sportline M4.


  • Top tier quality at an affordable price (sub $200)
  • Split gearbox allows for easy upgrades
  • Excellent performance right out of the box


  • ICS Specific parts in some cases
  • Battery space may be somewhat limited

​4. CYMA CM 028 AK47

​The only Non-M4 on this list, the CYMA CM Series AK is an absolute tank. The gun is able to be able a ridiculously low price point due to its lightweight polymer body with imitation wood external but still handles incredibly well due to its metal external and high quality build. These features make it a good choice for all you AK enthusiasts and will serve you well as a beginner rifle.

Everything from the internals to the externals are solidly built and made to last, and it is common for little to no maintenance to be needed on this gun for 3 years or more. The large stock allows for a huge battery to be used which can drastically increase performance. The included high capacity magazine also holds about 200 more rounds than others on this list, meaning you can stay in the fight a little longer with this gun.


  • All metal, real wood construction
  • Huge battery space and hi-cap magazine
  • Low maintenance needs


  • Long and heavy (for some players)
  • Higher than normal performance out of the box may not be allowed at all fields

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! This is our list for the best airsoft guns for beginners. While there are definitely more rifles on the market that would be great for beginners, the ones in this selection fit the bill for key factors that a ideal beginner would want.

 We wanted something that was ready to be used as soon as its outside of the box, something that highly affordable at around $150, and something that would still hold up and perform well after being thrown around after many games. We hope you found this article useful. Thanks for stopping by and welcome to the world of airsoft!