A List of the Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles – Our Top 6 Choices

Ready to arm yourself with an airsoft sniper rifle? Below are some of our top picks for airsoft sniper rifles in 2019. 

The beautiful part about airsoft is that there's so many ways to compete and win. Perhaps you're more into the close combat style game and pistols are you preferred gun. Maybe you're into the shock and awe style of play; that style lends itself to assault style rifles. But perhaps you like the stealthy silent style of airsoft. The best way to excel in that realm is to have a good sniper rifle, and no matter what you may think, it's entirely possible to get your hands on one without spending more money than you want to. If you're looking for a way to hide at a high point on the field, patiently wait on your competitors to walk by and pick them off one by one, here are some guns that you should most definitely check out. 

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Wellfire APS SR-2



Cyma ZM51 

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This option from Cyma is an incredible choice for somebody who is just getting into the concept of sniping in airsoft. It's hard to beat the $54.95 price tag on this gun, and since it's coming from the folks at Cyma, you don't have to worry about the quality. Made from a combination of polymer and metal, the ZM51 is amazingly durable, so you don't have to worry about malfunctions and jams in the field. The spring power ensures that you don't have to deal with battery charging or having enough gas to finish a match. The bipod and illuminated scope that comes included with this weapon means that it's ready to use as soon as you get it out of the box. Cyma also included a sling which means you can carry this gun to your sniper post in while using another gun during the course of your skirmish. With the ability to shoot up to 415 feet per second, the ZM51 gives you a lightweight yet reliable option if your team is looking for someone to be the sniper. Definitely a gun you need to check out. 

Well MB08 

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Well managed to take their legendary MB01 and make it even better. They modeled this gun after the L96, even down to the folding stock which makes it incredibly easy to transport around the field. Any good sniper knows that being a sniper involves having to stay in one place without moving much, or at all. The customization options on this gun mean that you won't be uncomfortable while you're perched in position waiting for your unsuspecting opponents to wander by. This bolt action spring style rifle is capable of shooting up to 450 FPS which means no opponent is safe; if they're in your sights, they're yours for the taking. This gun is worth every bit of the $169.95 that it goes for. 

JG Bar 10 

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The Bar 10 from JG is a really good choice for a competitor who is looking to get a solid sniper rifle without breaking the bank. The $132.00 price tag put this gun square in the middle of the ongoing argument between value and cost. The fully metal inner and outer barrel helps to ensure that you can launch your ammo at up to 470 FPS, meaning you will be one of the most feared competitors on the field even when you can't be seen. The durable polymer construction ensures that you won't be weighed down by a bulky, cumbersome weapon when you're moving around the field. Another spring powered weapon, you don't have to sweat battery charging or gas tanks to keep yourself in the action. The fully adjustable hop-up allows you to tweak your rifle based on distances and wind conditions on the fly. This is a hard weapon to beat if you're looking for a versatile, inexpensive, durable sniper rifle that will get the job done. 

Well MB13 

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A lot of times it's hard to find a gun that provides much-needed power without spending a small fortune. For only $119.95, Well has manufactured a sniper rifle that is capable of shooting up to 480 FPS. Well also includes a fully metal bipod which will ensure that your gun doesn't move causing you to miss your unsuspecting target. A massive plus on the MB13 is the scope that Well includes in the package: The 3-9x40 scope has variable zoom capabilities which allows you to adjust your sights based on target distance. This gun is one of the heavier options on our list, but that's to be expected when you really look at what this gun is and how it is made. The adjustable stock and fully adjustable hop-up ensures that wind and weather conditions don't alter your shot. It's really hard to beat this gun for the price. 

AGM L96 

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The folks at AGM wanted to manufacture a gun that would closely resemble an actual sniper rifle used by the military forces around the world; that is how the L96 came into existence. When you take a quick glance at the price tag (only $78.95) you may think that you're getting a lower quality gun, but that's simply not the case. This 2-piece easily constructed gun is incredibly durable as it is made with a fully metal barrel that ensures accuracy, bolt assembly, and a fully adjustable ABS stock with adjustable cheek rest. There also isn't a lack of power, as the L96 is capable of shooting upwards of 450 FPS. Definitely a great buy if you're looking for a sniper rifle for under a hundred bucks. 

There are certainly more sniper rifle options on the market. When it comes right down to it, you can probably find one that will allow you to spend as much, or as little as you'd like. These are five excellent options that should be able to do what you need done whether you're a first time air soft player, a long time competitor who is just looking to get into sniping, or a collector who believes they should have every kind of option on the market. Happy sniping!