So maybe you're looking to make an airsoft gun purchase, but you aren't interested in the rifle style options that you see. Maybe you’re looking to change up the game by sporting unique weapons not as common on the field. Or you're a hobbyist  looking to add unique pieces of equipment to your collection. If that is you then perhaps an airsoft revolver is probably right for you.

But how do you pick out the one that is best? The answer to that question depends on what you're looking for: power, durability, and price are all things to consider. Here's a list of 4 of the best on the market today.










​UHC Cobra Spring Revolver



The genuine look of the H8R super magnum is the first thing that grabs your attention when you check out this gun. The disc style 10 round magazine gives this gun the look and feel of an "old west" style gun, but with the modern touch of a black polymer finish, which provides incredible protection to the finish.

This semi auto option, powered by 12g Co2 also has a fully functional hammer adding another level of realism to your experience. For the pricepoint, this is a hard choice to beat when looking for your airsoft revolver. 


  • Extremely affordable for quality (Best Bang for the Buck)
  • Large disc size (10 shots)
  • Includes top rail for attachments


  • Users claim it starts to become inaccurate after 20-30 feet

​2. ​​DAN WESSON 8" CO2

Pretty widely recognized as one of the most realistic choices on the market, this option from the folks at Dan Wesson is completely metal with the exception of the plastic grips. The long barrel makes it look like something straight out of a Clint Eastwood movie and still manages to shoot .20g BB's at a whopping 450 feet per second.

Some air soft fields require a gun that doesn't exceed 400 FPS, so this gun allows for the use of power down shells, which will decrease that distance by the needed 50 feet. The customization options also include adjustable rear sights so you're able to make your gun what works for you. 


  • High Power
  • Comes with Speedloader (Quicker Reload)
  • Full Metal
  • Includes Top Rail for AttachmentsList Element


  • Slow reload
  • Users report that the grip/handle isn't sturdy and could be more comfortable


Modeled after the legendary .357 magnum that was produced by Colt between 1955 and 1999, this gun lives up to its namesake. Colt's .357 was built around the idea of being a powerful revolver without sacrificing accuracy at long distances. The company's dive into the air soft world led them to make a gun that offers the same capabilities.

The python, loaded with 6 real brass shells is capable of shooting .20g BB's at an impressive 380-410 FPS. The $89.95 dollar price tag becomes even more appealing when you consider the fact that this package comes with a speed loader for the shells, enabling you to not lose precious time reloading during competitive air soft battles with your friends. The below 100 dollar price tag on this gun combined with the long list of options and extra features make it a personal favorite of the guns on this list. 


  • High powered and extremely accurate
  • Comes with speedloader (quicker reload)
  • Single and Double Action


  • Only comes with 6 shells
  • Slow Reload

​4. ​UHC Cobra Spring Revolver

The folks in manufacturing at UHC managed to create what may be the ideal option for somebody who wants to either explore the airsoft world, or for somebody who just wants to pick up another option for their weapons stash without breaking the bank.

Usually found priced under 30 bucks, it is definitely enough to get you started with revolvers. The hop-up unit that comes with this package makes the Cobra the perfect choice for close quarter airsoft matches. On the surface, the spring powered shooting mechanism that propels 20g BB's at 260 FPS seems like it pales in comparison to the other options on our list, this gun is still a great option for someone who may be looking to play air soft against their friends in their own yard as opposed to on a large field. There's definitely a place for this revolver in your stash. Don't let the low cost of this gun dissuade you from giving it a real look when you're making your choice. 


  • Extremely affordable


  • Only supports Single Fire mode
  • Lower FPS than other options

Final Thoughts

Whatever you're looking for in an airsoft pistol can be found in one of the options on this list. There are certainly other options on the market, and by all means, keep looking until you find the one that provides exactly what you're looking for.

 But these are definitely four of the best choices out there when considering versatility, durability, performance, and price. Whether you have been around guns for years and are just looking for a fun, non-lethal option, been a long time airsoft competitor, or if you're new to the entire world of air soft, find the gun that will most provide the level of enjoyment that you're looking for.