5 Best Affordable Goggles for Airsoft

Airsoft is a fun and engaging recreational activity, its origins date back to Japan in the 1980s. You can think of airsoft as an evolved form of paintball, where instead of using paintball guns, players shoot at each other with weapons that fire plastic BBs at high velocities. The airsoft guns are based on real-life weapons used by police, military, and government agencies around the world. In airsoft, safety is paramount, especially when it comes to safety goggles. Not donning them are grounds for airsoft field staffers to kick you out, so it is paramount that you wear your eye protection at all times once you’re in the field.

Because there are so many options when it comes to choosing your airsoft gear, we created this listing of goggles to help you decide which goggles to buy.


1. Pyramex I-Force Sporty Dual Pane Anti-Fog Goggles

Pyramex's IForce is a small and sleek-looking set of goggles that offer a low tactical profile when playing matches. One of our players used these at a field in Virginia. He mentioned that these goggles are high-quality and don’t fog up at all. They fit snugly around the head and doesn’t fall off easily. Even though it’s small looking, the lens is full-seal and prevents BBs from coming in.

Pros & Cons:

- Suitable for use if you do not need glasses to see or wear contacts
- Low profile goggles that's comfortable on the head
- Fits snugly on the head
- Not for people that wear glasses,
- Does not come with additional lenses

2. XAegis Airsoft Goggles

These unique goggles come with three lenses and are ideal for wear for those that wear glasses out in the field. It’s also full-seal and prevents any particles from coming in so that it will not obscure your vision. Wearing these instead of having to don contacts is easier on the eyes since contacts can dry at the worst possible moment, which is not what you want in the middle of a firefight.

Pros & Cons:

- Large enough to wear underneath a military-grade helmet
- Offers a wide field of vision and proper ventilation
- Different color lenses are ideal for use in various combat environments.
- Lacks foam padding
- Can still fog when humid

3. Pyramex Highlander Plus Safety Goggles

The Highlander Plus goggles constructed similarly to that of the I-Force goggles. They are slim and suitable for wear in any outdoor or indoor airsoft environment. They can also double as sports eyewear if you’re not using them in an airsoft field to shield your eyes from the sun since the lens has built-in UV protection.

Pros & Cons:

- Offers five different lens options
- Comes off with a small, sleek appearance similar to Pyramex’s I-Force line
- UV protection
- Might be too tight a fit for some
- Plastic is sharp and may cause squinting when you’re underneath the sun

4. Valken Airsoft Tango Goggles

Valken makes quality airsoft goggles in much the same fashion as they do with their gun lines.
The Tango Goggles come with a set of three replacement lenses to put inside of the goggles if the one already in place falls off. The three color options that are available with these goggles are useful if you want them to blend with your clothing out in the field.

Pros & Cons:

- Large field of view
- Comes with a carry bag to place the goggles in along with a spare lens pocket
- Comes in black, tan and army green colors
- The lens is part of the goggles as a whole, singular piece when you replace them
- Can still fog when it is humid

5. Valken Airsoft Zulu Thermal Lens Goggles

Valken’s Zulu goggles are low-profile eyewear that can be used out in the field. They adjustable and not bulky in comparison to large-frame goggles, providing ease of comfort for your head. Even in the most strenuous games where firefights go on for hours, they have stayed clear. These goggles come with a strap that’s elastic and easily adjustable for better comfort.

Pros & Cons:

- Slim and form-fitting profile when worn
- Excellent fog protection in extreme weather conditions
- Comes with three lens options
- The lens of the goggles can scratch up easily
- Can still fog up now and then

6. Lancer Tactical Ca-221B

Lancer Tactical is a reputed airsoft company that develops reliable goggles just like they do with their airsoft guns. The Ca-221B goggles, in particular, are large enough for those that wear glasses out in the field and provide excellent comfort when you wear them over your head.

Pros & Cons:

- Vented in certain areas around the frame to allow ventilation
- Comes with foam inserts for additional comfort
- Dust cover easy to remove and replace
- Needs some modification if you want extra ventilation
- The amount of foam may make it hard to breathe out of your nose

7. Lancer Tactical AERO

The AERO line of Lancer Tactical’s goggle sets offers robust protection in the form of a large black frame. Comes with a protective sheath to store the goggles in when not in use. The goggles also come with side vents for natural ventilation that helps to keep your field of view clear, allowing you to maintain your line of sight.

Pros & Cons:

- Vented for smooth airflow to keep your vision clear
- Never fogs
- The lens is 3mm thick, offering sturdy protection from BB impacts
- Not ideal when playing Milsim matches
- Goggles are a little bulky for wear.

8. zjchao Airsoft X800 Tactical Goggle Glasses

The X800 goggles from zjchao have a lens that snaps on and off due to holes on both sides. It offers three different lens options to choose from, offering a variety in what you can use to match up with your uniform. All the lens can be easily swapped to compensate for the different lighting conditions across multiple fields. These goggles are of high impact and can withstand multiple BB volleys.

Pros & Cons:

- Can be used for any sporting event
- Offers a wide view
- Doesn’t fog easily
- Can be sometimes uncomfortable
- May not fit larger heads


Airsoft is a fun quasi-sport that serves as a gathering of friends and family as well as a team-building event. As previously stated, safety is paramount when it comes to playing airsoft. The listing of goggles provided to you will help give you an idea of what you want to buy based on your budget. Pyramex, Lancer Tactical, Valken, and other companies provide you with options to choose from based on your own needs for eyewear out in the field.