A Guide To Airsoft For Beginners

Airsoft is becoming an increasingly popular team activity. If you’ve heard about this fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping sport, and it piqued your interest, you’re in the right place. It can be challenging to learn more about airsoft for beginners, but we’ve put together all the information you need to get you started.

To learn more about airsoft, you need to know what the sport entails, the safety rules, and the required equipment. You will also need to know how to choose the right game style and weapons for your gameplay style. It would be best if you also took note of the etiquette involved with the game.

Keep reading to start your journey to becoming an airsoft player and also check out our guide to airsoft guns for beginners

Understanding Airsoft

In recent years, the sport of airsoft has grown in popularity. Airsoft is a popular sport with millions of fans across the world in which players eliminate one another by shooting each other with guns that fire spherical non-metallic pellets. Gas, electric gearboxes, and manually spring-loaded airsoft guns are all options.

Airsoft began in Japan and moved to the United Kingdom in the late 1980s and early 1990s. A pellet does not mark its target and depends on an honor system as part of the sport. When a player is struck, even if no one else sees it, he is expected to call himself out.

People may play airsoft on either an indoor or outdoor field course. There are several game kinds and styles to choose from, each with its own set of circumstances.

You may utilize military tactics, tactical gear, and accessories modeled by those employed by current military and police enforcement organizations in combat techniques. Situations can range from simple to more sophisticated combat gameplay methods, from short-term skirmishes to extended scenarios.

New game kinds regularly emerge, although there are some well-known course and field games.

The sport of airsoft can be broken down into three main elements:

  • The people that take part in the sport
  • The apparatus, such as guns and safety equipment
  • The staging area, where the sport takes place

Almost everyone may enjoy airsoft. Regardless of age or gender, anyone can join as long as they follow the safety guidelines and enter the field with a positive mindset.

Why Do People Enjoy Airsoft?

You might be wondering what it is about airsoft that appeals to so many different individuals. Simply said, warfare has been a feature of human history from the dawn of time. The human obsession with battle has led to the development of war games and simulations over the millennia.

Airsoft is a type of "war simulation" in which people use accurate copies of real-life weaponry to reenact military and police events. Keep in mind that when it is played in a proper location, airsoft is a fun and physically challenging activity (such as an airsoft field).
Some people, however, have chosen to brandish their guns as actual firearms and have been killed as a result. Under no circumstances should you take your weapon in public places.

Airsoft Safety

When it comes to airsoft, the word "safety" should be one of the first concerns that come to mind. There are several rules and standards in place to keep you as safe as possible while on the airsoft field. The sort of gear you carry onto the field is a significant element of airsoft safety.

It would be best if you keep the following things in mind in terms of safety:

  • Make sure you have at least safety glasses; however, a sealed set of safety airsoft goggles is highly suggested (and often essential) to eliminate the danger of a pellet getting in at the correct angle -or a burst of rounds dislodging the glasses and injuring your eye.
  • To protect your face, you should use a mask or wrap. The skin on your face (and around your lips) is delicate and should be preserved as much as possible. Reenactors or simulators frequently employ a scarf wrap and a military-style helmet to protect the entire head.
  • These places aren't always necessary to be covered, but you'll quickly regret it if you don't. Gloves, thick clothing, and scarf-like accessories can help keep you comfortable and safe while you play.
  • Elbow and knee protection will be extremely useful after lying prone on cement for more than 20 minutes.

Most Common Roles On An Airsoft Team

There are many roles to be filled when playing on a team. Below, we will evaluate some of the most commonly referenced roles.

  • Runner — A designated role assigned before gaming; however, a runner must complete the course without being struck.
  • Protector - Is highly armed to assist in the team's protection.
  • Soldier - Fully armed and ready to fight.
  • Sniper / Specialist - Snipers must be aware of their surroundings and proficient stalkers. Snipers must be masters of camouflage and possess quickness, patience, and subtlety to take down an adversary. A bolt-action spring rifle is the most popular weapon used by snipers, and some wear ghillie camouflage clothing.
  • Communicators (Squad Referees) — A narrator who relays opponent positions and hits the rest of the team.
  • Game Referee — The game referee's job is to guarantee that the players follow the game's rules.

Proper Airsoft Etiquette

If you're new to airsoft, there are specific basic respect etiquette standards to observe that may not seem evident at first. For the sake of avoiding any rookie blunders, it's crucial to understand the players' expectations ahead of time.

Game-day etiquette and in-game etiquette are the two basic categories of etiquette.

Game Day Etiquette

The preparation for stepping out onto the field to play is known as game-day etiquette.
For the game, you intend to play, read the team's Rules of Engagement (ROE). While most teams have similar rules, there may be adjustments or additions to general regulations and particular game day rules for ordinary circumstances. It is expected of a player to know all of the rules.
Be on time, if not early, to ensure that the game begins on schedule. No one will appreciate waiting for you to come or put the mags into your airsoft rifle if you haven't done your homework.

Gameplay Etiquette

It is critical to adhere to all the regulations set forth for the day's game.

  • There may be ammo limitations; if so, adhere to them. In order to keep the game balanced, load-out limitation restrictions have been implemented.
  • When snapping a picture, be nice. Consider how far away the goal is and aim for a suitable location. The best shot is a center mass shot, and headshots are generally avoided.
  • Keep in mind that airsoft is a team sport. Don't try to take on the entire opposing squad by yourself.
  • Be respectful if you're requested to handle a player's gun. It's not a suggestion that you pass it on to other gamers.
  • When you're not using your gun, please put it in its bag. Others may feel uneasy when a genuine gun is shown. Those unaware that you have a non-lethal and lawful airsoft gun may call the local law enforcement agency. This is not only a good habit, but it also preserves your equipment and is excellent manners.

Airsoft Equipment

Airsoft weapons mimic contemporary firearms down to the smallest detail, but they are low to moderately powered air guns that fire tiny plastic pellets or "BBs." While the guns may use a spring-loaded piston air pump (players may cycle these guns manually or mechanically) or CO2 canisters, they are all controlled to a PSI that permits them to be used safely.

Even the Olympics use air guns, although the weapons meant for that level of competition shoot at a far faster rate than ordinary ones. When considering the way and strength with which the airsoft gun discharges and the style in which it is held, customer variances emerge. For more information on types of loadouts check out this post on airsoft beginner loadouts.

Airsoft Guns And Gun Styles

There are many different types of airsoft guns on the market today. While people may use some of these terms to describe different qualities when referring to real firearms, these terms used in this context describe the style of various airsoft guns.

Airsoft Pistols

Players can operate these airsoft weapons with just one hand. They are the tiniest of airsoft weapons and typically come in single-shot configurations.

Airsoft Rifles

These are longer airsoft weapons that players must hold with both hands. Single-shot long-range objects (as in a sniper rifle construction) to automatic or selectable burst fire modes are all possibilities. Rifles have the largest variety, and most firearms belong under this category.

Specialized Airsoft Weapons

Airsoft weapons such as a Bullpup type rifle or a submachine gun are also prevalent, although they may not fit neatly under the rifle or pistol nomenclature. These are generally designed around a certain function or position.
There are also crew-served machine guns, grenades, and other weapons. Depending on the organizer's regulations, airsoft versions of a wide range of military equipment are permissible.
These specialized objects are frequently more costly and made in fewer quantities for more discriminating consumers who want a reproduction of a certain real-world counterpart.

Different Styles Of Airsoft Gun Firing Systems

While many different firing systems exist, most airsoft weapons will fall under one of the three categories discussed below.

Spring Firing System

A spring is used in spring-powered airsoft pistols to propel the BB toward the targeted individual. The pistol must be cocked back - frequently manually - to build up the energy in the spring. There are several electric-controlled alternatives, but these are significantly more costly and overlap with our following category.
For first-time participators of the sport, manual spring-powered airsoft weapons are frequently advised. They are simple to operate and dependable.
Spring airsoft weapons may range in price from the simplest to the most powerful sniper rifle designs.

Gas Firing System

In terms of realism, these are, in general, the higher-end kind of airsoft. Many gas-powered airsoft rifles have characteristics that mimic the recoil of a real gun. These are ideal for reenactors or anyone who want to recreate a more military-style experience.
These airsoft weapons are often heavier and more sophisticated, making them less suitable for beginners.
HPA, CO2, or other gas is used in gas-powered airsoft weapons.

Choosing The Right Airsoft Weapon

The airsoft gun that a first-time consumer wants will be different from the airsoft gun that a serious military simulator or even a government agency wants to employ. These are also very different from the Olympic-style airsoft weapons used by target shooters.

Spending some time playing the game is the best method to figure out which gun is ideal for you. Borrow one from a friend and see which play style and skill level with the many airsoft gun varieties suit you best.

Several game styles, rules, and exercises require you to take on various roles.

Close quarters battler (CQB) or long-range shots are the two shooting variants you must consider initially. Both shooting styles are distinct, and each lends itself to a particular airsoft pistol. When trying to clear a room, a long-range, single-shot high-powered spring-powered airsoft gun might not be the best option.


While airsoft seems relatively easy to learn and understand, there are many technicalities involved with the setup and gameplay of this sport. You will need to fully learn about all the rules and expectations of the game, both on and off the field.

Remember, not everyone will use the same weapons or safety equipment, but you need to find what works for you.

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